Monday, June 20, 2011

I watched a tutorial on how to make dresses out of pillow cases. It is ridiculously easy! I made four in one hour.They are very cute as well..
I need all the pillow cases I can get so with your donated pillow cases (hint hint ;)) We can give little gorgeous dresses to some very deserving little gorgeous girls.



  1. Karina!!
    Those are awesome! I have seen them online before (didn't the girls have a pillowcase dress making party?)
    I would LOVE to help you do this!
    I have a friend who is going on a missions trip and needs to bring two huge (hockey) bags of things to donate.. These would be a good idea (if we don't get to Haiti soon)!
    I also wanted to let you know that I'm the craft person at camp this year, and I was hoping the kids could make things to donate to other kids (ie. to take on a missions trip). Thoughts?

  2. I love this dress Karina! It's such a great idea!

    P.S. Marlee just keeps getting cuter! I can't wait to see her